"Slowing down, moving forward ...

Although I thoroughly enjoy the luxury at BHUTAN SPIRIT Sanctuary, I am even more thankful for them guiding me in my first steps towards a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle, starting on arrival from my consult with one of the Traditional Medicine Doctors. A well-being program suited to my personal wish to make some important changes in my daily life, is especially created. While I am there I decide to do a daily guided meditation, take some hikes around the Sanctuary to embrace my closeness to nature, and slowly improve my diet.

In just a few days I already notice that I feel different. I am no longer connected to my smartphone, instead I feel more connected to my direct surroundings and myself. I allow myself to slow down and just enjoy being. Reading the book “The Restful Mind”, which has thoughtfully been put in my room. All this touches me much more than I ever thought possible. I start understanding the value of this journey to Bhutan. I wish my friends would have this experience. I will come back with them."

His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa, author of the book The Restful Mind

“I heard that they positioned the beds in such a way that the feet of guests do not point at our monastery on the other side of the valley; it is a good thing that our traditions are respected.”

- monk at Eutok Samdrumpcholing goenpa

Phuntsho Namgay

“I feel satisfied when I see a guest, who came in tense and stressed, walk out visibly more relaxed after one of my treatments. It is thankful work to do.”

- Well-being therapist