"Priceless memories and valuable lessons ...

I already knew that Bhutan was a high-end destination and that it would come at a certain cost. What I did not know is that I would get so much in return; not only while I was there, but also upon my return home. I have taken back more than just fond memories and photos, I also have integrated new positive habits in my daily routine and now approach life differently.”

“The Sanctuary and my agency share not only a part of our name, we share similar values. When I sent my clients to Bhutan, I want them to experience the Soul of Bhutan. For me, the Sanctuary is an indispensable part of that.”

“The well-being inclusive concept of the Sanctuary is unique in Bhutan; it offers the best value for money in the 5-star luxury segment. Why have guests think about money when they should just be enjoying the experience?”