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The standard hotels are covered under your daily tariff so there is no additional charge for them. You are welcome to choose the hotels you’d like to stay at or we can choose the best available in each city for you.

Destination Name Ratings
Bumthang Chumey Nature Resort
Bumthang Gongkhar Lodge
Bumthang Hotel Peling
Bumthang Hotel Ugyenling
Bumthang Jakar Village Lodge
Bumthang Kaila Guest House
Bumthang Mountain Lodge
Bumthang Rinchenling Lodge
Bumthang River Lodge
Bumthang Swiss Guest House

You also have the option to stay at luxury hotels at additional charges. The charges vary from hotel to hotel, so please contact us for prices. Please note that other than breakfasts, all meals covered under the tariff will be at local restaurants and not at the luxury hotels. Meals at the luxury hotels will have to be covered on your own.

Destination Name Ratings
Bumthang Aman Kora
Bumthang The Village Lodge
Paro Amankora resort
Paro Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Paro Le Meridien Riverfront
Paro Naksel Boutique Resort and Spa
Paro Uma resort
Paro Zhiwaling Resort
Paro Raven’s nest resort
Punakha Amankora